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At Fairbane, we ourselves are founded on multi-cultural origins and we have a deep understanding and connection with the people we provide advocacy for.

Fairbane has a unique approach to dealing with the complex issues of inequality in our society. We have our tailored programs designed for special needs:

1. Indigenous Small Business Support (ISBS) Program;

2. Veterans Small Business Support (VSBS) Program;

3. Womens' Small Business Support (WSB) Program;

Our programs are designed to meet the unique challenges that people from those backgrounds face in the business environment. All of the programs have varying degrees of the following mix of support elements:

– Startup advisory services such as company and business name registration, trademarking, website setup and design, digital and social media marketing on google, facebook, instagram and other relevant platforms.

– Trade and business network development, supply chain throughput linking business with potential suppliers and customers.

– Policy development working with various businesses to advance their interests with both government and other stakeholder parties.

Fairbane is a strong advocate for its friends and it sees the under-represented people that advocacy exists for as part of our family. Our advocacy is engrained in our sense of purpose and our vision as a business.