Corporate Advisory

Photograph Credit: Jeremy Lanfranchi

Fairbane is primarily focused on its own business, but it does make time to help its friends, associates and affiliates, and also the local communities it operates in and the broader global community wherever possible.

Fairbane has a commitment to corporate social responsibility far beyond that which is required by it by society.

Fairbane’s Corporate Advisory arm operates as a consulting service to a niche group of clients. Consulting, by its very nature should be strategic. This means making decisions that take into account the bigger picture, taking into account future trends and an every changing business and economic environment. 

Fairbane extends its consulting to business analysis, legal advisory, public relations, policy advisory and digital consulting.

Part of this consulting is being an advocate and a voice in the policy space – a Thinktank. You can read more about these endeavours in our Thinktank and Policy Paper pages.