Capital Markets

Fairbane operates in a highly-specialised, niche-market of what is known as “high finance" which as the wording suggests deals with very large, complex transactions, often at an institutional level. For this reason alone we maintain the strictest confidentiality with our counter-parties.

Fairbane has only recently developed a unique product offering that most investment banks and hedge funds could only dream about. Therefore, we are very guarded about who we work with and what we divulge. This veil of secrecy is one of commercial interests converging with professional courtesy.

Fairbane does not operate in the public sphere, nor does it provide finance or credit, nor do we provide any financial products to the public. The work we do is outside of realm of domestic laws and regulation for the most part because we focus on international finance and international transactions.

We trade our own money, our own assets, we are active on a variety of different financial markets ranging from: equities, fixed income, forex, futures commodities.

For this reason we take ethics and operating within the bounds of the law very seriously.