History of Fairbane

Blue Mountains, Australia. Photograph Credit: William Patino

Fairbane as a name draws its history from Anglo-saxon “Fairbain" origins that find their way back to the 11th century A.D. and later a little known family name during the Scottish economic enlightenment of the 1700s. The only well documented use of the word Fairbane was in during World War 2 when the British Special Operations Directorate (later to become known as part of MI6) inaugurated the Special Air Service and one of the survival items of choice was the Sykes-Fairbane Commando knife. Like the knife (and its own history) that bares that similar name, Fairbane is an embodiment of ingenuity, resilience, tenacity, honour and discretion.

Fairbane as a company dates back several decades to predecessor firms that specialised in business advisory, accounting, and the legal profession.

The original idea and the founders of the Fairbane Company find its origins in a remote part of the iconic and rugged Blue Mountains, several hours west of Sydney (pictured above). On a beautiful dawn, every part of the valley the sun touches turns blue just for a few moments and there is a sense of the surreal blending with serenity that inspires the mind and cleanses the soul. This ancient land holds both a sacred past and a key to a prosperous future.

As Fairbane looks to the future, we focus more on new and emerging trends and markets in the 21st and potentially the 22nd century, and since 2009 primarily providing strategic consulting, high-finance facilitation and property development being the three pillars of our business.