Private Equity

Fairbane’s Private Equity arm invests in technology startups, using its consulting arm to assist with projects and private equity arm to invest in projects it sees has potential.

The long-term strategic focus for investment is property. Fairbane has a strong network of close partners in the building industry that it works with to assist with government projects by way of tender applications and works together with these partners to invest with and in their projects.

Fairbane has a long history of property development advisory and has a special relationship with reputable and highly professional building companies. 

Fairbane is constantly sourcing new properties for development, working together with stakeholders to create a whole-of-supply-chain approach from origination to end-user. 

By doing this, Fairbane is able to give the best value-added to stakeholders both in its direct dealings including the source property owners, any intermediaries and the end buyers.

Fairbane also takes great pride in being able to give back to the community, ensuring that a sustainable environmental approach is always taken, and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.