The Fairbane Group


Adversite Agit Novos – Adversity Drives New Horizons

Opportunities no other organisation can provide.

Fairbane is committed to being ahead of the curve, being ahead of the market.

Wealth creation
Fairbane's primary function is private, high-value transaction focused on growing wealth. This means being focused on the task at hand but never leaving an eye off the big picture. We work with a close-knit group of associates to bring a unique product to the high-finance market.
Building assets
Fairbane's role is to facilitate growth and help build assets. This means opening doors to untouched geographical and functional markets. This applies equally in our specialised finance products as it does in our premier property assets.
We operate in a flexible and versatile way and that gives us an edge in what we do.
Detail Driven
We are detail driven in everything we do, whether it is a simple email or the most complex financial or property transaction. This ensures the best outcome for whoever we work with.
It is so important to be able to think outside the parameters of any given situation, where there is a problem that needs solving, or just a better way of doing things.
Professionalism - is all of the things that make working together worthwhile, whether it is presentation, patience, enthusiasm, optimism, honesty, integrity. We want to work with the best, so we give the best.

The Fairbane Philosophy

Fairbane is a truly future-oriented organisation with a unique vision for the world.

Fairbane’s vision is to push the boundaries and reach out to the horizons of scientific and technological boundaries and do so by ensuring there is the freedom and flexibility available to individual businesses and their industries as a whole to compete and prosper.

At Fairbane, the world in the year 2020 is seen through the lens of what the world could and may well be like in the year 2100 and 2200. This means encouraging development of new ideas and providing a foundation for the new technologies that come from them.

Fairbane provides advice to various companies and individuals in the media industry, primarily in the emerging sub-markets and emerging technologies and platforms, particularly start-ups. Our expertise comes from a management consulting perspective and from legal advice to clients and partners, and policy advice to various entities.

Fairbane has a unique formula for success

The key to our success is that we work discretely in areas nobody else competes in and provide opportunities to a very confined group of associates. This is a skilful art perfected over time.

High Finance Transactions

We operate in primary and secondary markets working closely and quietly with high level counter-parties facilitating fast-paced, high-value cross-border transactions.

These are complex transactions, unique in their nature and only available to counter-parties who are ready willing and able to move large sums of money, and we facilitate that in very-fast, buy-and-sell scenarios.

Fairbane – through its closed network and technical ingenuity – is able to provide this unique product offering to its most closely knit associates.


Our other main area of business is in property development and project management. We work closely with our friends in building and construction and invest together in projects. We – literally – continue to build a strong foundation for prosperity and we ensure that anyone – whether co-investor, purchaser or anyone else involved in that property supply chain gets the best outcome possible. With property everyone really can win.

Policy Development

In order to be at the forefront of the business world, it is crucial to stay in constant contact with policy makers and influence the direction policies are taking. By doing this Fairbane is in regular contact with the people deciding how our systems are run. We provide policy consulting to a wide range of industries.

Consulting & the Community

Fairbane has a specialist consulting arm where we deploy our human resources to assist the community and business partners in areas of strategic management consulting, digital commerce and growth solutions, legal representation and business advisory.

At Fairbane, there is a well-grounded belief that we can make a genuine contribution to the welfare of our society as a whole and we are regularly giving our best skills and ideas to our local and global community.

About Company

The Fairbane Group (“Fairbane”) is a consulting and private investment group that provides unique service offerings in the high-finance space and property development industry. The organisation is a discretely held and ran specialist service provider that deals with very few parties and counter-parties to bring phenomenal outcomes to those parties it works with.

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